Small Business Saturday and an Introduction.

It's small business Saturday and we completely forgot about it! (I blame it on our newborn dominated sleep schedule) We have a lot of new followers so maybe it's time to reintroduce ourselves! We are a husband and wife team in Brandon, MS who started making candles right at a year ago. Covid had shut everything down and we still wanted to give Christmas gifts in an affordable way. So we thought, "why not make handmade gifts this year"? Turns out I loved it. By July, we had designed a website, went through several design changes for our candles, experimented, and learned to master our craft. We opened at the very beginning of August and it has been a whirlwind since then. We started out giving away small sample tins as a gift to spread some happiness but we wanted to do more. We decided to help raise money for individuals going through a difficult time and that, in turn, became a passion. This month, a year from when we started, we welcomed the cutest little coworker, Noah, home. Managing a new, blossoming business and being new parents has been a tremendous challenge, but more rewarding than we could have ever imagined. His grunts, his grins, his stretches and his cries make it all worth it. His big fur sisters, Elle and Chewy, love him too. How does our story relate to Small Business Saturday? When you purchase one of our products as opposed to something off a big box store shelf, you're not supporting a major corporations bottom line. You're not helping a CEO earn his/her 5 Million dollar bonus. You're helping a local family buy diapers, blankets, electricity, water, etc. You're helping us to build a future for our family and then we try to touch the lives of other families in the small way we can. You're supporting your local economy and helping others find new opportunities right here at home. You're also purchasing a product that we, a family who loves their baby and their fur babies, have painstakingly vetted and researched and crafted with the best ingredients that we know are safe for our loved ones. If we'd fill our home with the scents of our candles with a newborn and very loved pets, you can be sure they are high enough quality to be safe for your family as well. Massive corporations can't say that. A certain big box store just recently recalled room sprays that killed several individuals. All because they want the cheapest product available to make them the most money with no regard for your family, only their dollars. Small Business Saturday is more than just coming out in support of local businesses. It's a celebration of those businesses and what they work uncountable hours to achieve. It's to celebrate their passion for their business and their craft. It's to celebrate them choosing to take a risk to better the lives of their loved ones. So, today and for the rest of this holiday season, consider this: sure, the big retailers may have the better discounts, but do they have the best products? Does your purchase help put Christmas gifts under the tree for small families like ours? If you answer "no" to either of those questions, then consider shopping small. Consider supporting a family and not a multibillion dollar corporation.