About Us

Our Intro

Whew, where to start? I guess with Aco Candle Co. first. My wife and I started making candles in November of 2020. Covid had hurt us financially as it had many other people. We still wanted to give Christmas gifts to our family and friends but knew we couldn't do that if we didn't find a way to make them with our own two hands. Making candles seemed to be the answer. It was harder than I thought (of course)! Fast forward a little bit and apparently we like the challenge! We enjoy the process and making something we can be proud of. So, we started a business!


As far as us individually, my wife, Ashley, is a Dental Hygienist. Honestly, and I may be biased, she is the most talented Hygienist I've ever had. She is gentle and thorough. Those same adjectives could also be used in her daily life. She has never shied away from any challenge and has often been my anchor when the waters get a little choppy. We have been together for about 15 or so years now which, thinking about it, is crazy. We were high school sweethearts and now, we are parents! Our baby boy, Noah, was born in November of 2021, and we are the happiest and most proud we have ever been in our lives.

Me... hmm.. what do I say about me? If I could summarize myself in one word, I'd say I am a dreamer. That one thing has led me into so many different projects and careers throughout my life. I'm incessantly curious and spend hours pouring over random information and learning anything I can find to learn about. My wife probably could tell you more about me, but for now, we will just leave it here. Ashley here, I just wanted to tell y'all a little bit about Cody. He is the most talented and creative person I know. He has always had the biggest dreams and the best heart. He is gentle and encouraging and such a great leader. I've loved living this life beside him. He has always wanted to own his own business, and I am SO PROUD of what ACo Candle Co. has become! It's been such a blessing to our family, and I have enjoyed watching Cody live his best life through it!

Our Mission

With our company, we strive to make the best candles we can make using 100% soy wax, and clean, carcinogen free, reproductive toxin free, and potentially harmful chemical free fragrance oil. Every candle is hand-poured, every scent is hand-blended, and every label is lovingly placed and stamped on every item, every time. Beyond just our goals for the quality of our product, we also strive to give back and make the world a better, happier place in whatever ways we can. With our brand, Aco Candle Co., we plan to do our best to help those in need. Whether that is through donating to charities, or finding individuals who have a need where we can make a real, noticeable difference, we want to help. We have been helped many times in our lives. Now it's our turn to do what we can to help others. 

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting our small business!